Glorious Plant Combinations

Introduction and Opening Slides

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     When I combine plants together for various combinations, I think of two main things: creating contrast and creating unity.


     The contrast is created by one or several plant elements. It may come from the colors of the leaves or the blooms or the texture of the plant, bold or refined. Contrast also may come from the overall shape of the plant or its leaves. Also, contrast may be created by combinations with things that aren't plants at all: brick walls, stones, birdbaths, orbs and more.


     Too much contrast confuses the eye so unity is important to tie a combination together. This is achieved by repetition of one or more elements. One might repeat a color throughout a planting. Other elements can be repeated as well. Don't forget restful plantings of one thing. A lawn or groundcover can provide a beautiful foil for the plants surrounding it.


     Above all, it is important to have fun and enjoy being a part of God's creation. He gives us so much with which to create beauty, so go forth and enjoy!

Introduction Photos


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The Front Border at the Driveway

I used this slide on the title page. In summer this is the view as you enter the driveway. This grouping includes a Musella lasiocarpa, which is the banana looking plant. It is very hardy and even the stems and blooms have survived the winter. Also included is a red sun coleus, the duckfoot coleus named 'India Frills" and a dwarf Lespedeza thunbergii called "Spring Grove." I love the bold foliage of the banana with the fine textured leaves of the lespedeza.


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Glorious Plant Combinations


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